2 Feb 2014, 2:57pm


2014 Work/Harvest Events!!

Beginning in February 2014 all events are a combination of Meeting and Work/Harvest Party and are held IN THE GARDEN rain or shine. Meeting segments of the events may be held in the Ravenna School Apartments lounge right to the north of the Community Center (if Sunday) if the weather is really terrible.  

 SPRING February – April (twice monthly)
12:30 – 3 PM on the 1st and 3rd Sundays (12:30 meeting, 1-3 Work/Harvest) 
Feb 2 and 16
March 2 and 16
April 6 and 20 

Would love to come down and help for the April work parties… will be my first time out! But Sunday April 20 is Easter. I will likely still be there but just wondering if you might get a light turn out for help on the holiday…?

Yes, we may get a small turnout, but we’ll take our chances. The garden is a great place to celebrate spiritual connections in all their infinite variety!


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